Who We Are

We are a fabric supplier to many industries, including fabric retail, home decor, apparel industry and textile industry.

The priorities and goals that drive our team are focused on a commitment to customer satisfaction. Since the inception of our operations we strive to establish a superior level of quality to the manufacturers and companies that purchase our products. We supply a broad range of different textile types to satisfy our customer base.

Clothing trends and consumer tastes shift on a seasonal and at times monthly basis. The demanding nature of the design and manufacturing textile industry requires that manufactures of different wear style have access to a supplier that can meet these demands. Therefore we continue to expand our product lines with new and innovative collections and fabrics types. Our team has deep technical and specialist textile knowledge and is able to deliver highly specified products for different markets and specialist textile based products to the industrial, commercial, marketing, medical, agricultural and consumer sectors.

We Are Proud Of:

High quality
We are proud to offer quality products from different suppliers and manufacturers. We pay huge attention to quality standards and characteristics of fabric - strength, extensibility, weight, elastisity and water resistance.
Our target is to be one of the most flexible supplier in the textile industry. We provide product and pricing flexibility to our customers.
Our team
If you need any additional information or special advice just complete the enough information so that we can get back to you with an answer and one of our sales experts will response as quickly as possible.

Environmental Responsibility

Printed materials
Where possible, we supply printed materials (for cotton and linen) which adhere to environmental practices with the newest standard waterless technology exceeding world-wide printing standards. We choose manufacturers who care and reduce their impact on the environment.
Genetically modified cotton
Genetically engineered (also called genetically modified or GM) cotton is currently grown on 25 million hectares around the world, mostly in India, China, Pakistan and the US. The Organic Cotton Initiative is urging consumers to choose organic for environmental reasons. Organic and fairtrade cotton does not use GM.
We try to use recyclable packaging in our business and to reduce the use of packaging where possible in order to make the Textiles industry more environmentally friendly.
We are constantly on the lookout to improve our "green" performance by searching eco-friendly manufacturets using new technologies in textile production. The European Eco label can be used on products that contain no harmful substances and cause minimum damage to the environment.

The Most Creative Textile Ideas

Forget the rules
The success of textiles depends very largely on how important a role creativity plays in it. Although you can still use traditional practices as a basis for your projects the fascination of creative work lies in exploring new possibilities and finding innovative solutions to problems - there are no limits to the ways and means in which you can translate colours, fabric and textures into unique pieces of art. There is always something new to discover.
Use creativity

Designers are always looking for processes to help them push the boundaries of creativity. Consider new innovations such as digital printing or smart textile and follow your way.

Suggestions for our customers
  • Observe market trends
  • Understand the needs of your company and impact of scale
  • Review our products
  • Contact our experts and build your own patterns