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Texcare International
The world’s leading trade fair for innovative textile care

Texcare International is a 5 day event being held from 11th June to the 15th June 2016 at the Frankfurt Exhibition Grounds in Frankfurt, Germany.

This event showcases product from Textile, Fabrics & Yarns industry. Like hardly any other branch of industry, textile care is under great pressure to come up with innovations as a result of increasing outsourcing processes, the growing use of automation technologies and a growing demand for modern, easy-care textiles. At Texcare International you can find out exactly how to meet the challenges of the future and optimise the market opportunities for your company. Texcare International 2016 will present numerous solutions for networked processes and procedures. One of the emphases will be on contactless data collection, a process in which a data carrier (transponder) transmits its stored data to a reading device using an electro-magnetic field (RFID, UHF). As a result of smart data collection and networked information, goods streams can be quantified across departments on the factory floor, linked to automatic distribution and return systems and subsequently taken over by the consumers' goods management systems.
International Cooperative System Exhibition

International Cooperative System Exhibition / Mezinárodní výstava družstevnictví takes place in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic from 25th August to the 30th August 2016 at Výstaviště České Budějovice.

Fair represents production and agricultural cooperatives, consumer goods, metalwork production, electronics, construction, house and gardening, textile and leather, agricultural and food products. The exhibitors find this platform to be the perfect meeting place as they get to reach out to the global customers which results in widening the respective marketing networks.

Worldwide Textile Rendez-vous takes place in Paris, France from 12th September to the 15th September.

This is a major international exhibition which brings together the key players where fashion is made and trends are set worldwide. Texworld guarantees personal advice and answers with an experienced, reliable team of experts. There has long been a showcase for green and ethical textiles. Eco-friendly ranges were promoted as early as 2007, when they were scarcely known. The Ecological Textiles Itinerary, which has now become the “Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary”, is much appreciated by Texworld visitors for finding committed exhibitors and ’green’ materials.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Machinery, equipment & facilities for laundries
  • Dry cleaners & dyeing works
  • Laundry
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Disinfectant & dyeing agents
  • Equipment & aids for cleaning rugs
  • Upholstery & buildings
  • Plant organisation & data processing
  • Trade literature

Top subjects at Texcare International

  • Industry 4.0
  • Sustainability
  • Professional development
  • Modern functional textiles