Textile machinery



The air jet weaving machines are the weaving machines with the highest weft insertion performance and are considered as the most productive in the manufacturing of light to medium weight fabrics, preferably made of cotton and certain fibres (sheets, shirting fabrics, linings, taffetas and satins in staple yarns of fibres). It has anyway to be pointed out that technically positive results are obtained at present also with heavy weight fabrics (ex.denims) and that some manufacturers produce also machine models for terry production. These machines are the ideal solution for those who want to produce bulk quantities of customized fabric styles. We cooperate with Toyota and Mei International companies.


We closely work with developers of spinning machinery to meet the varied needs of our customers, including high-speed ring spinning frames and roving frames. This high class machinery combine the pursuit of great spinning performance to produce high-quality yarn reduced energy consumption into product development.

Knitting machines

Machines may range from high-production, limited-capability models to versatile, multi-purpose models having extensive patterning capabilities. The more complex the structure being knitted, the lower the knitting speed and efficiency. The simplest of the knitting machines would be hand- powered and manipulated where as power-driven machines may be fully automatically-programmed and controlled from a computer system. Understanding which machine knits which size of yarn, and understanding the features each machine offers you, is the key to making a wise choice. Contact our experts for more information.


Weaving accessories

All the manufacturers have many options and accessories for their textile machinery. If you are looking for weaving accessories from a particular manufacturer, please check the information with our experts. We can find the tools you need to make the weaving process fast and easy.

Spinning accessories

Spinning accessories includes yarn break detectiors, spinning machine rollers, spinning pumps and others. All accessories depends on particular brand and manufacturer. You can contact us and we will find the a specific decision for you.

Spare parts

For textile machinery

Our Company is providing original spare parts for following equipment: air jet weaving machines, water jet weaving machines, ring spinning and roving frames, knitting machinery.

For specific machines

On request we provide a specific range of spare parts for unique air jet, water jet machines and spinning machines.

For accessories

To buy new or repair existing? When an accessories are old and isn’t working efficiently, it’s easy to decide to replace rather than repair them — contact our experts to make right decision.